Girls on My Mind

by Toddler

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Recorded last spring in a mini-van while suffering from a bad case of heartbreak with two keyboards bought on Ebay, an electric guitar bought at a pawnshop and an assortment of found objects as percussion.


released September 17, 2016

Music by Nick Huston



all rights reserved


Toddler Montreal, Québec

"Lo-fi Bedroom Pop"


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Track Name: Restless
Look around the room
Oh in search of something new
When I check my messages
Not got time to get back to
My mind's all over the place
Find it hard to concentrate
Chang of subject while mid-thought
You asked a question, I forgot

What were we talking 'bout
Can't remember, gone out
Into the waste-bin of my mind
Nothing certain all the time
Flash of lightning in the pan
Over before ever began
Take what I need that I can use
To please my ever passing moods


Never happy where I am
Somewhere better close at hand
Somewhere near never complain
There will be everything


Too many choices
Don't wanna lose
Where to begin
Gotta get it right
How can I choose
Track Name: Rebound
What makes me turn their heads
Attract like a bee to honey
Keeps hapn'ing time and time again
Often she's much younger than me
Prancing 'round so carelessly
Care-free, no trouble to speak of
'Cause then when the shit hits the fan
Take-off running go flee from

I'm a rebound
I'm a rebound guy

I'm a rebound
I'm a rebound

I provide a moment of bliss
Free your mind, ease the pain
From the memory of him
Fill the void, take it away
'Cause when you're with me you forget
those days, those ways now behind us
No looking back, I've done my job
Move-on, 'til the next lover comes along


What's it about me that keeps
What's it about me that keeps
What's it about me that keeps
Turning their heads?
Track Name: Boyfriend
Do you have a boyfriend
Or do you just wanna be friends
Don't want to ask and then put
This we have to an end
You may have said something
I'm sure that it was nothing
Saw something on your phone
But you hide, didn't show me


When we go dancing
There are moments when you hold me
When everyone's coming at you
You've got to take it slowly
When I leave from your side
Can't believe the amount of guys
Who come up and talk to you
They all want a piece of you


Do you have a boyfriend
Or do you just wanna be friend

Do you have a boyfriend?
Track Name: Goodbye
I thought we had
Something together
Was not meant to
Be now or never

Passing breeze
Comes and then leaves
Flow through the trees

Absence makes my
Heart grow fonder
The mem'ry only
Grows stronger

Counting the days
Since you went away
Patiently wait

Track Name: Never Again
I knew a girl
Who could change the world
Not lifting an arm
Only with her charm
Then came the day
All was swept away
When she figured-out
Others' take she gives out

Never again,
Will you fool me

I feel used by the men in my life
Take a little time by myself, question why

Track Name: You Came Along
You help me forget
Before you as I said
Was a girl before who
Just wouldn't leave my head
But since you came along
I see now I was wrong
Full of shit thanks to you
Now I see it
Track Name: Julie
Take hold my hand
Though you belong
To another man
I wait oh why
For you to say that
You've changed your mind

All through the night
Waiting for you
To arrive
Morning is here
Sit on the curb
Listen to the bird

Do we know where this path we're on leads?
Do we have what it takes to proceed?
Do we, Julie?

Take hold my hand
Though we both know that comes with consequence
It's fate oh I know now it's time to decide
All through the night
In every thought you're on my mind
With the daylight whisper in my ear
Come closer beside


Inside we climb,
To the bed undress you with my eyes
Full clothed we lay,
On the duvet don't feel like a mistake
Track Name: I Love You
I love you won't allow yourself to see it
Nothing that I can do make you believe it

I love you, yes I do
I love you, yes I do

Tell you my every thought
And what I feel that we've got
Share with you my point of view
So badly want to get back to

I feel the longing in your eyes
When you say, "leave," I wanna cry
Can I stay or should I go
For now I'll wait until you know

Until you know
Until you know
Until you know
I will go

It's a battle in my mind
Brain and body can't decide
When I'm with you it feels right
Why don't we try it for a time

And when the moment things heat-up
Put on the brakes and push me off
This feeling cannot be denied
I can see it in your eys

In your eyes
In your eyes
In your eyes
Oh I could cry
Track Name: Looking Ahead
Setting my sights on greener pastures
Never will find what you're after
Look ahead, not behind
Open a door, open a window
Go explore beyond all that you know
Never sure, what you may find

They will try to waste your time
They will try to waste your time
And if you're kind, you'll lose your mind
And if you're kind, you'll lose your mind

Haven't got a single thing to do
Bored my mind the thought of what to do
A better way, to pass the time
Call you up busy pretend to be
As we talk with you I long to be
Another hour, you're on my mind

You will find, don't pay to be kind
You will find, don't pay to be kind
And if you're kind, you'll lose your mind
And if you're kind, you'll lose your mind
Track Name: What Next
You mean more than i thought
By my side means a lot
If you can't keep running-off
Then it's clear, should give-up

When you leave, brush me off
Then I see, what you want
Each time me meet
You mean more to me
Only time will tell where this leads


If I'm gone for awhile
Keep the mem'ry of your smile
Will you still know my name
When I'm far away

Will the light last the night
Will the candle keep it's flame
When we see each other next
Will you remember my name